Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WHEW !!!

Been running around like a mad woman all day but I THINK I got everything done that had to be done. Started my day at the local DMV to take my written HAZMAT test and eye check to renew my driver's liscense. Passed them with flying colors so that was one worry off my mind. Then I had to drive 65 miles down to Abingdon, VA to their DMV to have my fingerprints taken ($83 out of my pocket) for homeland security (needed in my job). Then another $72 and I get a piece of plastic with a picture of some scowling old broad (they claim it is me) and it says I can drive a truck until 2016. That is a discouraging thought...I am not sure I want to be living out of a duffle bag for that long. LOL. Then, since I was that close to Bristol, I went ahead and drove down to the Social Security office.....about now you must be thinking I am a glutton for punishment LOL......but I had to apply for a new SS card because my job says I have to carry one and my old one died years ago ( death by washing machine). Then after another hour's drive I was back home in my recliner, and boy did it feel good. I may not move again all evening except maybe to the fridge or bathroom or bed.

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Erzebat said...

dang woman! you traveled more places today than when you are on the road! good work grasshoppa!