Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm still alive LOL

Just finally got wide load #2 delivered in a tiny town called Foreman, Arkansas. I came back down here to the Flying J truck stop in Texarkana because it kinda looks like I am stuck for the weekend with no load. At least here I will have good food to choose from (great BBQ place across the road from here). Thought I would stick a couple of pics in here from my last 2 loads so you can see the stuff I have been dragging around the country.

Friday, November 7, 2008

On The Road Again ....

Well kids, I finally made myself get back in the truck and come back to work. I loaded a 12 ft wide piece of machinery and a few smaller ones this morning in Mansfield, Ohio. It turned out to be a pretty easy load to chain down and it has not been bad to pull so far....just gotta get used to that extra 2 ft hanging off both sides of the trailer....and the fact that now I am as wide or wider than the lanes on the highway....just gotta let the excess hang over the shoulder most of the time. I will get a picture of it sometime this week when I have a prettier background LOL.

Right now I am in a little dinky truckstop in a town called Pendleton, KY. No oversized loads allowed to move near Louisville from 4-6 PM so here I sit..... for the whole night now , because by 6 it will be dark and not allowed to move the load after dark either. This time of year wide loads can make a person lazy LOL. I just wish there was a place to get some decent food around here.... I have the great choice of McDonalds or Subway....some choice.....NOT.

My husband has a wide load on also and is running about a hundred miles behind me going the same about timing.... He has the same restrictions as me so unless I goof off somewhere tomorrow I will not even get to see him ...... the story of our life....LOL.

Guess I will goof off for a few hours then hit the hay so I can be rolling as soon as the first streaks of gray light the sky.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend almost over

I am dreading this weekend being over. Tomorrow it is back to hunting a load for my truck. Wish I could just stay home and play with my fabric, but that just does not pay the bills LOL. I feel pretty proud of myself for what I managed to get done while I have been home this time ! Got a whole stack of quilts to show for it, plus one already Christmas wrapped that is not shown in the stack.

Yesterday the purple and yellow one got donated to be raffled off for Children's Miracle Network benefit. It is hanging in the entry to our local grocery store where they will be selling raffle tickets for the next 5 weeks. I sure hope it brings them a good chuck of doantion $$. Kind of neat seeing something I made hanging in public...even if it is just our small town Food Lion LOL.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Got yet another one from my stack of tops quilted and bound ! Now I am down to one small Christmas top that was gifted to me from a dear friend because I admired it, and one scrap quilt that I am very much afraid is too big for my small quilting setup, and one VERY large (88 x 98) Very old scrappy UFO. These 2 big guys will probably end up going out to a long arm quilter when I can come up with the $ to have them quilted.

Now.....what to do for the weekend? ............ there is a pattern flitting around in my mind that just keeps nagging at me to make it.......... there is a stack of weed wacker blocks sitting here waiting to become a top....... i have blocks cut to make a D9P.......there is a small experimental section put together on another block i wanted to try last time I was home...... i need to whip up a couple of fleece raggies for our trucks ........ decisions decisions....... who has time to work?