Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Got yet another one from my stack of tops quilted and bound ! Now I am down to one small Christmas top that was gifted to me from a dear friend because I admired it, and one scrap quilt that I am very much afraid is too big for my small quilting setup, and one VERY large (88 x 98) Very old scrappy UFO. These 2 big guys will probably end up going out to a long arm quilter when I can come up with the $ to have them quilted.

Now.....what to do for the weekend? ............ there is a pattern flitting around in my mind that just keeps nagging at me to make it.......... there is a stack of weed wacker blocks sitting here waiting to become a top....... i have blocks cut to make a D9P.......there is a small experimental section put together on another block i wanted to try last time I was home...... i need to whip up a couple of fleece raggies for our trucks ........ decisions decisions....... who has time to work?

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