Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I knew this load was jinxed yesterday morning when I pulled out of the truckstop to go load and another truck was broke down across the intersection so I could not get on the road I was sposed to be on. Then it was 3:30 when they finished loading me and the man calmly announces, this load needs to be in VA by Friday morning....... EXCUSE ME.......This is NOT a 747, this is a Freightliner.....it is over 2900 miles from where I loaded to where it delivers. This is an oversized load (10 ft wide) and OD loads are not allowed to run at night or during rush hours in cities, as well as a lot of other restrictions.

Well now I have a legitimate reason to be late delivering. I am officially broke down here in Jerome, Idaho. Their damn load fell thru the deck on my trailer, so I am here till morning when there will be 2 wreckers meet me here. They will lift the load straight up so that a mechanic can slide steel plates under the load and weld them into place on my trailer. All told I have a $1700 estimate quote for this little escapade. Luckily I do not have to pay it so I am not worrying myself sick. Actually I am sitting here kinda smug because now the agent can't push me to deliver by Friday LOL.

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