Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hi Folks !

Well, I am finally making the plunge and starting a new blog. (actually a friend pushed me.....I didn't jump in LOL) Thanks a lot Batty LOL.

To tell you a little bit about myself.... I am a long haul trucker that wanders around the country hauling stuff on a stepdeck trailer and sewing quilts in my sleeper in between loads. My traveling companion is a 5 lb pomeranian named Foxy that is a spoiled brat. We live in Virginia (or I should say that is where I store my out of season clothes and majority of my stash)

As I figure out a little more how to do this blog thing I will add pictures from time to time, but for tonight I am about ready to close this laptop down and close my eyes for the night.

We are stuck in the beautiful area of North Bend , Washington trying to find a load out of here , hopefully going toward home since it has been 6 weeks since I saw my own house and my Juki.

Happy trails !


Erzebat said...

woohooooo! I am the first to post a comment to your new blog! You will have alot of fun doing this, I promise! Looks like a great beginning! Keep up the good work!
(mauh) batty

Jen said...

It's about time you started a blog!!! I'm happy that you did. =) You might remember me from the AOL quilt chat room.

susan said...

way to go...when you start adding photos we can really come along for the ride. happy trails

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Hi and welcome, to this lovely land of blogging....I live in Australia, and I look forward to reading all your stories and seeing what you create with fabric.

andsewon said...

Hey Nancy!!
I am meeting you through batty's blog...;-)Look forward to keeping up with you via your blog! I whine about my smallish sewing room and you are creating in your sleeper!!! Awesome.
Hope you catch a load soon!!
Lola also in VA