Saturday, July 11, 2009


Lookie Lookie Lookie !!!!!!!! I am feeling mighty lucky lately ! I bought a few raffle tickets from my friend Dlog in Quilt Chat for chances to win the quilt that their guild made to raise money. I really had no idea of winning cause I am the person that could have every ticket but one and still not win....... but then I got a congratulations email and I about fell over..... This morning I knew it was coming in the mail and I was hovering near my mailbox like a vulture LOL.

Thank you so much ladies ! It is absolutely beautiful ! All that white I am going to have to fiercely guard it from my dog and my hubby LOL. Makes me almost wish it was chilly weather so I could wrap myself up in it !

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Lori said...

Lucky You!! It is pretty. Congrats and safe travels!