Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm Still Alive

Just not had much time to blog lately since I switched over to pulling a van trailer I have been busy busy busy. Think I screwed up taking this load tho....on my way from Greenville, MS to Pasco, WA with a load of chemicals and stopped last night at dark because the mist in the air was freezing on the truck, so I figured the roads might be getting slick too. I just watched the weather channel and it does not look like a rosy forecast for me...the whole northwestern corner of the country looks snowy.....oh well......we'll see....nobody said it was gonna be easy. Now I am waiting for it to get daylight so I can see what the conditions look like on the road.

Before I forget again...I had such a delightful batch of mail when I passed thru home last week. A dear chat friend from Il sent me a great box CRAMMED full of fabric to use in my charity quilts. And another dear friend had sent me a set of hand mitts she had knitted for me! AND a sneaky little friend from chat also sent me a lovely quilt and placemats and stacks of lovely purple fabric! I say sneaky because I had sent her all of my unwanted Christmas fabric and she turned them into gorgeous things for me ! Even pieced a neat backing for the quilt!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Did I REALLY send all those burples? They squish quite well! As to the Christmas quilt top, I hope you get to quilt it and I hope it warms you for always. I enjoyed fondling all "our" Christmas fabrics and wanted you to have a remembrance of all you gave up so that I could play.