Sunday, January 18, 2009

LOL I am Still at It

Still here playing with these itty bitty paper pieced this rate as small as the pieces are it will take a lifetime just to use up my scraps LOL. But who knew I could have so many hours of just pure fun playing with scraps so small most folks throw them away. The ones I made today I can visualize projects made from so I packed a good sized plastic tub with scraps and printed off a sheaf of paper patterns and it is all ready to get stashed in my truck to play with when i don't have a load.

Tonight is my last night at home for a while so I am getting the last minute things all done up to close up the house. Took my truck to town this afternoon and hooked it up to the trailer, and it's a good thing I did. The hill coming up out of out yard is so steep I spun out twice and had to let it roll back down to the bottom and get a better run at it to get out on the county road. My sister in law drove me back home, and now I am trying to find someone that can take me back to the truck tomorrow when I get ready to go. Roads are slick and still a half rain half snow mix coming down and freezing on everything in sight. YUK have I ever mentioned I HATE WINTER !!!! LOL.


Gabriele said...

Your blocks are very cute!

Stay safe out there on the roads. Makes me glad this time of year to be living in AZ, where I don't have to worry about roads icing over.

KyQuiltlady said...

Those are the cutest little blocks! I want to start learning paper piecing. I notice all the blocks are sewn aroud 1/4". I don't understand that.