Monday, May 25, 2009


It has been a busy couple of weeks. Took chemicals from TN. to TX. Took tires from AR to CO and WY. Now hauling gun safes from ID to OH and will final in VA, then back home again for a few days. Tonight finds me parked at the dock of my customer in Ohio waiting for them to come to work in the morning to offload their part of this load.
I even managed to squeeze in one afternoon of sewing while I was out in Idaho. Got 132 blocks chain pieced to make a Nickel Bricks quilt I have been admiring forever. I started the squaring up process but ran out of time and had to leave it till I am home again probably. Will post pictures as soon as I get the top sewn together, but as heavy as my work schedule has been no telling when that might be.
I am not having much luck getting my pictures to go where I want them to be in my posts, so I will stick them in a second post. Just wanted to show you guys some of the beautiful mountains that I so dearly love out west. (you get to see them the same way i did LOL, thru my bug splattered windshield ..........)

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